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HTML to WordPress Conversion

Static websites are a thing of the past. HTML coded websites are static and changing even a little bit of content on the site is a tedious task. WordPress is the most commonly used Content Management System today, used for designing and developing websites. The issues with earlier HTML websites was that the styles and the scripts were coded with HTML frameworks and this became the reason for websites getting slower. With HTML websites, each page has to load all the similar codes, scripts and style sheets which further slows down the website. In order to resolve this issue, one should definitely convert their HTML website to WordPress.

Converting a static HTML website into dynamic WordPress platform provides a number of benefits. WordPress provides wonderful opportunities to create the perfect website, it’s not just a blogging tool. There are numerous reasons why you should consider WordPress for your website creation, below listed are just a few ones:

Dynamic CMS:
All HTML websites are static and every page has hard codes written on them and each of these pages is equal to one HTML file having the same layout and design. On the other hand, WordPress websites are easy to create, update and manage. WordPress was originally developed to be a blogging platform, but over the years the community has grown immensely and are now full fledged website creation tools which are dynamic as well.

User Friendly:
With its vast community that is available all the time, it becomes fairly easy to work with WordPress. Moreover, the WordPress platform has innumerable support for themes and plugins which further simplifies the work flow. Theming a websites makes it unique and gives it a definite look. With the help of the theme engine, plugins and generally the WordPress environment it becomes really easy to setup up a website. And hence, this is the top most reason as to why most beginners prefer to use WordPress for website creation.

The entire WordPress platform has been built in a way that embraces search engines, which is why it is one of the most SEO friendly framework to work on. The platform itself guides search engines to crawl the site from posts, pages and taxonomies making it super convenient for the search engines to find what they are looking for. Moreover, there are numerous SEO plugins available which further helps the site to be indexed and achieve an overall higher ranking over the search engines, which basically is the decisive reason behind establishing a business website.

Design wise Customization:
WordPress offers the freedom of customizing your website as per your design. You can choose a theme that is the most related to your design or create a theme for yourself, although that would require knowledge of coding. However, most of the free themes would get the job done or if you’re serious about your website you can even buy a good theme and set up your site with that. And if you are stuck somewhere, don’t forget about the exceptional community support it offers.

Wrapping up:
These are just few of the main reasons for switching to WordPress. If you’re still not convinced about the whole deal, or are not sure if you should convert your current HTML site to WordPress kindly get in touch with us and we will clarify the hassles away. You can also click on the button below and request a quote for your site or click the other button to contact us with any query.