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Technofection is a promising web development company in India providing comprehensive Web Development Services. There are many IT Solution Providers out there and it is challenging to select one. We are a complete IT solution provider, who delivers the results based on clients’ requirements. You can come and inquire about your requirements and all we can say that, here at Technofection we will certainly meet up to all your requirements and expectations.

At Technofection, we believe in operating with skilled and experienced web developers who are truly worth working with. We adhere to the industry standards and try to top that with our own expertise because of which the final outcome becomes astonishing.

We don’t just build websites and walk away. We partner with our clients to continually develop the outcome and make it more stable and constantly work to grow the rate, frequency and quality of conversions.

Reason to choose Technofection
Plethora of web designing services offered by Technofection that optimizes and simplifies your business strategies and model. Technofection provides its clients with cutting edge business specific web solutions to meet their desired targets.

Web development services provided by us

ASP.NET web development
ASP.NET Web Development

Our software development proficiency and standard development methodologies make us one of the top .NET development companies in India. Our .NET development services include custom ASP .NET development, .NET desktop application development, .NET website development, SQL Server database application development, support and maintenance of ASP .NET applications. Our developers available for hiring.

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Customized WordPress development
WordPress Web Development

The most widely used PHP platform. We have been working with WordPress for quite long and have done hundreds of WordPress website development. If you are planning to build your website with WordPress, then we can provide you with end to end solutions, starting from WordPress theme development to finishing up a website with plugins and security measures. We also help you to setup your website with your hosting provider.

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PHP Web Development
PHP Web Development

Technofection started with PHP development services. We started with this language, because PHP is the most versatile and can get configured on web servers easily. Since then we have learnt a lot and built ourselves awesome, in PHP. We understand in and out of PHP, we understand the strong and weak points of PHP. We prepared a huge pool of very talented PHP developers and they are ready to get hired.

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We have developers for all major PHP frameworks

ASP.NET web development

Working with CakePHP is always a pleasure for us. We love the framework so much that we try to use it in as many projects as possible. At Technofection, we have greatly trained CakePHP developers and you can hire them for all kinds of CakePHP website development. Our CakePHP programmers work with CakePHP following the standards and suggested methodologies. Our CakePHP development services are always lawful and always up to the current industry standards if not above.

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Hire CodeIgniter Developer

A nice lightweight framework that we work on. CodeIgniter is a framework for developers, it does not limit us with a lot of rules, instead lets us work freely. Being a lightweight framework, the performance of CodeIgniter is also great. Almost every PHP developer at Technofection can work with CodeIgniter. If you already have a website on CodeIgniter or looking to create one or upgrade your current one, then drop us an email and we will get right back to you.

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Hire Yii Developer

Yii is quite new to us compared to other PHP frameworks. We did not like the initial version of Yii well. But with the complete rewrite of Yii, we have started loving it and we are just stunted with the performance of the framework. Since then we have gathered and trained few Yii developers in our team and now they are all experts with Yii website development and ready for hiring. Call us or write to us if you are looking to hire proficient Yii developers.

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Not only PHP and Web, we also possess great exposure and skills in ...

API Integration and Development
Web API Programming

Along with the development of different API technologies, remote data access has been a lot easier and efficient. It has become absolutely easy to build distributed systems and connecting heterogeneous systems to share data. We have been working in integrating different APIs since a long time and now we are an “Expert” in developing an API or integrating a third party API. Drop us an email and our experts can help you right away.

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Hire JavaScript Programmer
JavaScript Frameworks

These days there have been a lot of development around JavaScript and many rich JavaScript frameworks with stunning features have been developed. At Technofection we have also started using these JS frameworks to produce highly user interactive web applications, that run flawlessly on any browser. The days of reloading of web pages has gone and these JS frameworks give a desktop-like look and feel that saves internet bandwidth as well.

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Cross Platform Mobile App Development
Cross Platform Mobile App

Save money and time by adopting cross platform mobile app development. Native app maintenance is always more costlier, and with every release of SDK and IDE, most of the time an app behaves strangely and needs modifications to make it work again. Recently at Technofection, we are building cross platform mobile apps with IONIC and CORDOVA and we would like to invite you to feel the power of cross platform mobile application.

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