Hi-End JavaScript Framework Development

At Technofection meet with the highly talented JS developers and consult your Cross Browser and Cross Platform Javascript framework development. Starting from jQuery to Angular JS, we have developers to work with all of the major Javascript Frameworks. As our name said, we are "Affectionate to Technology" and thus we love to keep ourselves updated with the latest JS Frameworks. Our team of JS developers are capable of building highly scalable and optmized tools for your business.

Do you need help from the experts for JS framework based web app development or for developing business tools? Are you confused in selecting the best suited JS Framework for your project? If so, then we welcome you at Technofection and invite you for a free consultation. We have been exploring and working with all latest JavaScript Frameworks and today we have a solid grip on the major JS Frameworks and providing programming services on frameworks like Angular, Backbone, Ext JS, jQuery and etc. Release of new JS framework on each week and month is flooding the web community with such frameworks. With the advancement in JavaScript Frameworks, the web community has become vibrant and diverse and got many new fronts. At Technofection, we always tried to keep our steps aligned with these new technologies and we built team to serve our clients with programming on these astonishing JS Frameworks.

Some of the Major JS Frameworks that we love to work on

Angular JS

Till we started development with Angular, we loved this framework more and more. We believe that with Angular JS, we can build highly user interactive front end of any complexity. We create magic with Angular’s DOM extension technique. If you are looking for Angular JS developers, then knock us and one of our Angular experts will revert back shortly.

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Who does not know about the framework? These days jQuery is found in almost each and every web app and website. At Technofection we have started using jQuery long back and now it has become a part of our life! We cannot think of a project without jQuery. We have some highly experienced jQuery developers, who know in and outside of jQuery.

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ExtJS from Sencha

This is another exceptionally robust framework and is used when the need is to develop web apps with native windows look. We use ExtJS to develop highly complex front end and back end where a system deals with large volume of data and the user requires a super-fast interface to operate the system. Write us, in case you are looking for ExtJS developers for support.

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Here are few of the magic that we do with Javascript
  • Dynamic website components like Mega menu, Fancy Popup and animation.
  • Website embedded tools like Live Chat, Different type of Calculators and etc.
  • Drag and drop components on web pages.
  • Beautify and extend standard HTML input elements with JavaScript and CSS.
  • Cross platform web apps that run on mobile devices as well.
  • Web app with native windows essence.
  • Handling data efficiently with AJAX in association with JSON and JSONP.
Call us to Hire JavaScript Developers

If you have a JavaScript enriched project or planning to develop one, where it needs experts hand, then we can definitely help you with our long term expertise with JavaScript development. Drop us an email with the details of your project and our JS experts will give you details feedback after analysing the RFP. You may hire one or more JS developers for your existing project or you can consult with our experts while planning for a new project.

JS Framework Developers

Not only Angular, jQuery and ExtJS, but we also work with ...

There are some other frameworks that we work with as well. Indeed we have a very strong understanding of JavaScript and other ECMA scripts and thus our JavaScript developers can adopt themselves in developing with any standard JavaScript Library / Framework. If your project needs super qualified JavaScript developers and you understand the benefits of outsourcing, then will never regret hiring JS developer from us and working with us.

If you have any query on any specific JS Framework or Library then write us a quick mail

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