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We develop high end web applications using today's most promising and smart PHP framework, CakePHP. We have engaged few highly talented CakePHP developers to build our CakePHP work force. If you need to hire one or more CakePHP developers for your project, then just drop us a quick message and we'll revert you within 24 hours.


Our experience with CakePHP

During late 2006, with the drastic improvement of PHP, few frameworks of MVC flavour came into the market. MVC started becoming more and more popular and since then we have been using MVC pattern to develop PHP projects. We have evaluated and selected few frameworks to develop PHP web applications. CakePHP is one of the frameworks which we love the most. It’s a robust framework, yet easy to use. Till date we have developed many projects with CakePHP and it has really saved our lives with many complicated projects.

Technofection offers end-to-end solutions for development of CakePHP based web applications for businesses of different verticals. We keep researching on new technologies and keep ourselves updated so that we can deliver solutions with improved quality and up to date standards. All our PHP experts from the CakePHP programming team are extremely profound of the framework and are ready to deliver high end business solutions with non-parallel quality. Hire CakePHP developer in affordable pricing model and get the best outcome of your project.

Why do we love CakePHP? Its because of the followings...

CakePHP MVC Programming
Powerful and MVC

CakePHP has got a clean ready to use MVC architecture. Our developers can start with a project within minutes using CakePHP. Write to us and get a proposal for hiring CakePHP developer(s).

CakePHP Secured Programming
Highly Secure

We never compromise with security of any web app. CakePHP saves our lives and your project with its inbuilt protect tools like CSRF protect, SQL injection protection, XSS protection and etc.

CakePHP Database Programming
Multi Database Type

CakePHP has got a beautiful support for database layers. CakePHP's inbuilt strong database engine makes it really easy to use any type of major RDBMS as a project's data source.

Development on CakePHP
Dependability and Popularity

These days CakePHP is used by different well-known organizations worldwide. With its high dependability and our expertized knowledge, we can produce projects with ZERO error.

Hire CakePHP Programmers for

  • CakePHP based web application development
  • CakePHP based responsive website designing
  • CakePHP based CMS development
  • Customized E-Commerce using CakePHP
  • Customized ERP development on CakePHP
  • Customized CRM development on CakePHP
  • Cutomized Business Tool using CakePHP
  • CakePHP based Support System Development
  • CakePHP Project Maintenance
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Hire CakePHP Developer

CakePHP Development

Technofection is one of the leading CakePHP development company. We have a pool of skilled PHP developers to deliver result oriented solutions. Call us for your CakePHP project maintenance.