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Vehicle Tracking System

What is a vehicle tracking system?

Vehicle tracking system is a technology which uses satellite or GPS in order to track the location of a vehicle. The system is fitted to the vehicle covertly so that it cannot be seen and there are no signs to suggest that the vehicle has a tracking device equipped in it. There are numerous reasons to install a vehicle tracking system, be it a personal luxury car or an organization that has a fleet of vehicles, etc

Vehicles fitted with a satellite Global Positioning System (GPS) can pin-point the exact location of the vehicle and send it to the owner. The basic components used in a vehicle tracking system are –
  • A mobile GPS receiver
  • A GSM network receiver and
  • Geographic maps

The GPS receiver and the GSM receiver are fitted in the vehicle along with the device that connects the two of them which sends and receives data from them. Power for the device is supplied directly from the vehicle’s battery. The monitoring system can be accessed via a personal home computer using specialized web software or if the company offers mobile applications then you can access the system on an app on your smartphone.

How it works:

The GPS satellite sends the signal to the device and then it sends the signal to the GSM service provider and then it directs to the device server and finally it reaches the owner via the app or the web software. Check the illustration below for a better understanding.

It can even show live track data, which means that as the vehicle is moving it will show live movement on the map. Besides location other information can also be tracked like vehicles route history, speed and time of direction. With higher end tracking devices, information like fuel management, pictures of inside the vehicle, two way voice chat, etc can also be achieved.

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