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As we always say, we never stop learning and our affection to technology lead us to get familiarized and well versed with all the major PHP frameworks around. Consequently we are always up to date stable release of Yii framework. The most beautiful feature that makes this framework identify uniquely is its modular approach and extendibility. We love Yii especially for this feature and the way the core is decoupled from individual extensions. Hence, if you are willing to outsource your Yii project, then our Yii experts can definitely stand up to your expectation and you will be saving a lot by hiring Yii developers from us, compared to in-house development.

Yii Development Services

Yii Web Desiging

Brand new website development from scratch using Yii

Yii Website Upgrade

Rewrite / Update an existing project to make compatible with latest Yii

Yii Website Maintenance

Yii based website maintenance and bug fixing

Yii E-Commerce and CMS

Customized E-Commerce website development using Yii

We love developing on Yii, because …


Yii 2 stands out amongst the competitors due to its high performance. The framework can handle remarkably sufficient numbers of requests per second.


The framework has a great caching technique. Any or all of the available caching mechanisms can be used using the same API set without changing code.


Yii 2 has been almost rewritten and the way it split functionalities using extensions is just fantastic. It’s really easy to add or remove features by adding or removing extensions.


Yii provides out of the box security mechanisms. It has tools to protect a website from all major security threats. The security features can be easily turned on and off.

When you hire Yii developer from us, virtually you get access to the huge expertise of our whole Yii team of Technofection.

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You select and sign up with one of our flexible engagement models that suits your needs and budget.

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There are reasons for hiring Yii developers from Technofection

Seamless communication

Your Yii developers are always available to communicate with you via Email, Skype or Phone.

Work closely with Developer

Work closely with your offshore Yii developers team and never face problem with communication.

Manage Team With PMS

Manage your team and work efficiently with our proprietary project management system.

We Protect Your IP

We protect your Intellectual Properties and sign strict NDA. All your data is always safe with us.

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If you are planning to build your project using Yii, then write us to discuss the project scope for free. If you prefer Yii, and yet you want to have opinions from experts while using any other framework, then we can help you in that case as well. Send us your complete project requirement and our web development experts will suggest you the best suitable PHP framework.