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Hiring PHP Developer

PHP is one of the most common and most popular programming languages used for creating dynamic websites. The main reason why more and more people prefer PHP is because it’s free and open source. Also PHP is relatively easy to learn and it provides the user flexibility to use it as per their wish. PHP also supports a wide range of databases, making it an easy choice for creating applications that needs to constantly communicate with the database. When something has its pros, there’s bound to be cons as well. The cons of PHP is that it is ineffective at producing desktop applications, is relatively slow compared to some other languages and has poor support for handling errors.
The demand for a PHP developer is huge in today’s web market as most of the users choose PHP as their choice for web development. Although PHP has a wide approach but still there are a few countable developers who has a vast knowledge of the language.

A simple project can be handled by a fresher also, but when it comes to complex and bulky websites there emerges the need for an experienced developer who has complete understanding of the coding language.

So what are the points to remember when you hire PHP developer?

1. Experience – When hiring the right developer, you should check his experience in the same field. The more the experience of the developer the better will be the quality of work. However, usually the experience of the developer is directly proportional to the cost of the developer, which means you pay more for an experienced person. You should hire according to the requirements of your project.

2. Capability – Even if a developer has the experience in his basket, he might not be competent enough to handle your project. So to judge the abilities of a developer you should assign him with a complex but small task. This will prove two things, first, if he is at all able to solve the problem and second, the time which he takes to solve the issue. By now you will get to know if the developer your interviewing is the right one for your project or you should move on to the next one.

3. Check his portfolio – When you are looking to hire the right developer you should check his previous work, as that will also help you to judge the developer and understand his level of superiority. You can also ask the developer to show you the back end of atleast one website so that you can understand the amount of work needed by you to maintain your project from the backend.

4. Genuine – Once you decide on the developer, make sure that he is not demanding extra money and asking for genuine time in order to complete the project. You will work hand in hand with your chosen developer throughout the project, so try and understand if the person is genuine and not taking unfair advantage from you.

5. Finalize – Once you have fixed the developer you want to hire, lastly ask him some difficult questions to check his presence of mind and creativity. Also by now you should understand if the developer has deep and sound knowledge of PHP language.

There are a few major skills to look for while hiring the perfect PHP developer

Now from the client’s perspective, you should also have a proper planning for your project and have a ready request for proposal to be sent to the developer. A complete systematic document should be drafted in keeping with the project requirements. So that it also becomes easy for the developers to understand what exactly you want and what requirements you have.

The above mentioned points will help you in employing a perfect PHP developer for your project.